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About Us

Your Local Beer House

Local Beer House was born out of a love for 'nice pubs'. We wanted to create environments that were conducive to fun, relaxation and conversation. We also wanted to celebrate the effort and commitment of micro breweries both in Britain and abroad in producing a variety of beer that you won't find in many establishments, in short 'a delicatessen of beer' Hence the contemporary 'local beer house' was invented.

Allied to this we wanted to match our drink with some interesting honest food, provide warm friendly service and create great atmospheres through quirky design.

The original beer houses were set up in the mid 18th century as an alternative to Gin Parlours that were dens of iniquity. Beer was seen as less harmful and therefore individuals started to open their homes selling beer, eventually the government of the time decided to give permission for certain places to sell beer and granted licenses. The beer house was ready to trade.

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